Choosing to buy gaming gear can be pretty daunting, and this is a feeling that the gaming experts are quite well aware of. 

They need gear that helps them increase their focus when playing instead of getting them distracted continuously, either due to weak connectivity or wire errors. 

Gears bought belonging from well-reputed companies but didn’t work up to the mark can leave a long-lasting impression that can be dangerous to forget. The next time you purchase anything from the market, you will be reminded of the worse experience with the previous purchase. 

Therefore, you must go through different reviews, like this porodo gaming earbuds review, to see if it matches the specifications which you require. 

If all is good, you go ahead with the purchase; if not, well, then you start looking at another company selling the product. 

Read below and learn more about the details of the porodo gaming earbuds. 

Porodo Gaming

Porodo has been a company manufacturing consumer electronic items for a long time. 

It was launched in 2004 to provide excellent quality mobile and other accessories to its users at a very affordable price. However, the affordability did not mean that the quality would be compromised. 

The company has been selling some excellent accessories for quite some time now. 

The products it sells belongs to the category of cables, adapters and hubs, mice and keyboards, gaming and toys, screen protector, speakers and many other accessories that people use daily in their lives. 

Porodo has undoubtedly had a lot of competition with other notable companies over the years, but the quality and the pricing helped it stay on top. 

It is also one of the major driving forces that promoted the brand to launch some new and improved accessories and gear in the future. 

Similarly, it is because of the name the company generated for itself that it later launched the gaming earbuds. In this Porodo Gaming Earbuds Review, we will be going over the product’s various features to see what is remarkable and noticeable. 

Porodo Gaming Earbuds

The Porodo Gaming Earbuds offers different features and is available in two different colours, with features differing slightly from one another. The two colours are black and silver. 

Then we move to some general specifications. The earbuds battery life is 30 mAh, and the charging case is 300 mAh. Usually, they take approximately an hour to charge fully. 

Later, you can connect them successfully to your systems through Bluetooth to enjoy seamless connectivity. The operating system is 10 – 15 metres, according to an estimate. 

If you want to switch between the music or the game mode, all you need to do is tap the left or the right earbud at least three times, and it’s done. The black ones provide 4 hours of playtime per charge, and its charging case adds on the playtime to up to 30 seamless hours. 

The other option of the earbuds is white, and you only have to tap and hold for approximately 2 seconds to switch between game and music mode.

The black ones provide 5 hours of playtime, and its charging case offers around 38 hours of playtime.

Porodo Gaming True Wireless Earbuds

Now since we have talked about the basic features of the porodo gaming earbuds, we get on to the highlighted part of the gear. 

The features of the earbuds can be divided into three major parts. 

Dual working mode, wireless connectivity for better play mode and extended battery life with waterproof function. 

  • The Dual working mode. 

Do you want to play games or do you want to play music? The porodo earbuds offer dual working modes. The gaming mode helps to eliminate all the soft environmental sounds, which can cause hindrance while you are playing. 

Play games while being in the gaming mode of the earbuds to stay focused and win. Shift to the oThen, shift mode and get a clear, detailed sound to enjoy great music. 

  • wireless connectivity

The second highlight of these earbuds is the wireless connectivity. The transmission is more reliable and effective with the advanced Bluetooth connection between the earbuds and your system.

You can play video games in your comfort and feel best in any position. 

  • Extended Battery life and Waterproof functionality

The porodo is IPX5 waterproof and extended battery life, which gives you hours of seamless listening and enjoying music and games. The waterproof helps you increase your gaming anytime and at any place. 

The reviews are pretty good of the product. With more qualities, including powerful bass and unmatchable audio experience, it seems like the user does not have to compromise on many things.

Moreover, it will also not cause discomfort because of the chic style and brilliant craftsmanship. 

You can look into other products as well. 

The wireless optical mouse, earbuds, gaming mouse and mousepads, keyboard, stereo gaming speakers, gaming chair, and even high-resolution webcam are just a few of the products offered by Porodo to help you level up your game.

If you feel satisfied, all you need to do is take a step ahead and try it yourself to provide a review to others.

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